Frequently Asked Questions

GPS with TomTom 

A process that is simple isn’t worth a lot, but a process that is simple to use, yet rich with complexity is priceless. Once a ticket is entered into PTOM the dispatcher can select the nearest truck because of feedback from the TomTom LINK box. The dispatched driver receives directions directly from the TomTom PRO Navigation Unit and the PTOM mobile interface, and inputs his status into those systems to update the dispatcher as he does the job. PTOM uses TomTom hardware to feed analytics that drive the PTOM profitability awareness dashboard. Calculating all factors, including driver wages and commissions, real time fuel consumption data, vehicle cost per mile and a customizable margin defined by you, we protect your bottom line.

Can't afford in truck GPS?

With our mobile apps, you can track your drivers locations when they use PTOM. They will also have the ability to complete ticket details on scene and obtain the callers signature. We use the devices GPS for many operations that drivers perform, bringing location awareness into towing operations that goes beyond the location of the truck.

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