Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Compliance with Rate Automation

It seems like every year the contracts for towing companies get more and more complicated.  Especially when dealing with motor clubs and municipalities.  This causes a lot of burden on towing companies by adding extra training time for new staff (and likely more expensive staffing costs), makes billing prone to errors with possible repercussions for non-compliance.

Non-Compliance Risk Mitigation

To mitigate these risks, we introduced rate automation with Pro-Tow Operations Manager (PTOM). Providing a way for you to maintain compliance effortlessly, after you enter your contracts into PTOM it takes care of the rest. All your staff have to do is their job; dispatch calls and completing the details of the tow. PTOM will evaluate your contracts and complete the correct charges for your invoicing. So you can throw away your cheat sheets for pricing.  Making it easier to train newly hired new drivers and office staff.

What about invoicing split between Members and Motor Clubs, or contracted limits of coverage?

Invoicing can become even more complicated when dealing with contracts that only cover a certain amount, and anything for that amount gets charged to the member or vehicle owner. Take for example many AAA contracts, mileage is covered for different distances depending on the level of membership with AAA. With PTOM it is handled all within the same ticket, with different invoices to print or email for the member and motor club with their applicable charges. This is towing software that is intelligent, and handles limits on coverage for you.

Are your rates regulated by law, with hard limits?

Many states are imposing regulations on how much towing companies can charge for services, such as storage. Our towing management solutions help you stay in compliance. If a charge starts to exceed the legal limit, PTOM will not only make sure the rate does not exceed it, but will also help you track where you are loosing money because of these laws... with cold hard facts like these, maybe you can help increase those limits, or reduce the regulations. We encourage all owners of towing companies to stand up for your industry, and fight for fair regulations.

Is it hard to setup?

The complexity of configuring your rates is dependent on your contracts. But fear not! One of our staff will spend one on one time with you to get it done right. And we have templates for commonly used rates, like for AAA mileage, that will get you up and running quickly.