Frequently Asked Questions

Municipal & Law Enforcement 


PTOM Municipal Impound Software

  • Electronic dispatch to your contracted towing companies
  • Rotation management system
  • Data entry will be more accurate
  • Decrease time on the phone
  • Decrease traffic problems
  • Increase city revenues
  • Reduce police wait times


PTOM Municipal Impound Software

  • Our web application will allow other departments or private property non towing services to add new tickets to the system
  • Citizens web enabled application that can be accessed by any smart phone, lets the citizen do a search to locate their vehicle
  • Lot managers or officers can take photos of the vehicle or evidence and upload them to the core system
  • Any information you collect about the vehicle can be stored in the system


PTOM Municipal Impound Software

  • Robust Impound management system
  • Abandoned vehicle solution
  • Chain of custody system
  • Security, our system is not web based