Will a new contract empower your next  

success? vacation? advancement?

Managing a towing company is no simple task.  One of the most important factors is knowing if a new contract will be profitable or not.  Pulling all your numbers together to accurately forecast this can take hours; hours probably don't have to spare.  With profitability analysis in Pro-Tow Operations Manager (PTOM), you can quickly enter a few sample tickets and know right away if those tickets make you enough money. Never under-bid a job again.


Are you struggling to figure out where you're losing profits?

Profitability analysis can help key personnel in a towing company to:

  • Identify the most and least profitable clients.
  • Identify the most and least profitable motor clubs or insurance companies.
  • Discover which sources of information offer the most reliable facts.
  • Optimize responses to changing customer needs.
  • Evolve the towing service mix to maximize profits in the medium and long term.
  • Isolate and remedy the causes of decreasing profit margins.

Knowledge that makes a difference.

  • Never guess again about pricing a call
  • Become more competitive and profitable
  • Be able to give the customer the correct price to do the job.

PTOM evaluate your operational costs, and revenue for per ticket and gives you historical analysis so you can drive changes in your operation with confidence.  

When creating tickets, it analyzes all your data in less than a second to provide you with the correct rate  and if its not enough, it will auto calculate what you should be charging.
PTOM will show your dispatcher green, yellow or red icon on the screen to alert them to either take the call (green) or not to take the call (red) and where yellow is breaking even.