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Our Software Development cycles are customer driven; When our customers come to us with their needs, we assess the difficulty of implementation, and create a plan for how we can move forward with that. We want our software to be user friendly, and to meet our customer's needs.

We've designed the PTOM Cloud to be a scale-able application; It can work for small towing companies, and it works for larger towing companies. Our features, and capacity will never be a limitation for your business. For a small towing company our services can cost as low as $50.00 per month; the cost of our software will vary depending upon the configuration that best suits your business. To receive a quote for your business you will need to schedule a demo with us, so we can do a needs assessment with you.

We have data backups, and backup servers that are in a safe and secure location. Your business won't have to be put on hold because of us.


The PTOM Cloud maintains all of your data on our servers. This allows you to access your data from any location, so you aren't chained to one computer, or device to access your information. We have reports that allow you to have a copy of your ticket data on your own computer for your own records, so you aren't stuck with us either.

If you want to go completely paperless, your drivers will need a smart phone, or web enabled tablet. You are certainly able to use our software to dispatch to your drivers via text message, however if you want your drivers to be able to add or modify ticket information out in the field they will need more than a simple flip phone.

Yes, our Cloud based system is accessible from any web enabled device. You can log into the Cloud from your home, office, or even your local coffee shop. Our applications require no installation on your computer, or mobile device.

For many reasons, we do not offer a one time purchase solution. We do offer an option for our customers who pay for their subscription a year in advance, making the fee a once annual fee. Updates, Support, and Training are all included as part of the package with our monthly services to our customers. If you compare the two models, it is much more cost effective for a business to pay for a subscription based service, than to pay a large sum up front, and then have continuing costs for Updates, and Support.