Find Me Now

 US Patent Pending No 61815727


Find Me Now helps you find those stranded motorists, watch the video, or read the transcript below to find out how it helps you do this!


Lets face it, it costs you significant time and money when you cannot find that person that needs to be towed.

But what if there was a solution?  After all technology in peoples phones tell the police where they are for emergencies…  how could you leverage that type of technology?  And maybe help automatically fill in your ticket details while they're at it!

Meet Lana, Linda, and Joe.  

Linda is a Dispatcher at Joe's Towing Service.  Joe is the owner of the towing service, and he is on duty this afternoon. 

Lana's car broke down on a rural highway. 

Linda receives Lana's call asking for a tow, Lana cannot give a good description of where she is.

No worries, Linda sends her a "Find Me" text from PTOM.  Lana follows the link, and enters her basic information and sends it back to Linda. 

PTOM "Find Me" offers to give her a constantly updated ETA, IF , she gives a little more information about herself.  She is anxious, and would love to have that ETA, so she submits the information.  Completing nearly all the ticket information for Linda and Joe!

Meanwhile, back at dispatch….  Linda has received a new ticket in PTOM with Lana's EXACT location and basic information.  She specifies the reason for the tow, and assigns Joe; she is confidant he will not have problems finding Lana. 

Joe receives turn by turn directions to Lana.  When he arrives and does the hookup, he once again gets turn by turn directions, taking Lana to the address she told PTOM "Find Me" while she was waiting for Joe.

Lana is thrilled with the service she received! And leaves a good review on the internet for Joes company.

Linda's happy to have less frustration in dispatching, and Joe… well… 

Joe is Ecstatic!  His tickets are completed without having his people do THAT monotonous task, who likes data entry after all??  His employees are happier, his response times are higher than ever, and customer satisfaction is the best its ever been.  Life is good!