ProTow Towing Software (Make Sure your logged in your machine as the administrator)

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Professional Towing and Auto Repair Management System (All In One)


Download Instructions
Step 1
In the file download window, click "Open" or "Run"

Step 2
The download takes about 10-40 minutes. If you see a security warning, click "YES" to complete the installation.

Step 3
Click "Next" on the ProTow Installer Including Finished. The ProTow software will then appear on your start menu.


Errors: if you get an error 53 or connect error try setting your firewall to OFF then reboot your machine and try reactivating the software.


Step 4
After you install the program make sure you set up the following files: company File, Accounts/Customer, Employee, Truck file. After you complete that you will be able to run the program.

We want you to get the most out of ProTow Towing Software so If you need any help, use the blue live support button on the web site!

After the 30 day demo expires, the payment screen will pop up as shown. If you do not wish to pay every 30 days you will need to contact tech support at we offer 6 month and 1 year license keys.



Network installation instructions:

For all Marr Software Products

1. install the application on the server or a machine that will be your server. (you will only need to install the application on one machine).

2. on the server find the installation folder(find the folder named PTWIN70), right click and share the folder on your network.

3. now go over to the machine that your are trying to network FIND MY COMPUTER and right click, now go to MAP NETWORK DRIVE and click it on now click on the BROWSE button and search for the shared folder from the other machine, once you find it click on the OK button then click on the FINISHED button.

4. a folder should have opened, in that folder look for PROTOW it should have a TRUCK ICON on it RIGHT click and send it to your desktop.

5. now you will need to test it. Go to your desktop and click on the PROTOW shortcut and make sure it runs.

6. You will need to repeat steps 3-5 If you are adding more machines to the network.



"ProTow XTR Is The Smart Business Choice"

The Only Software Rated Number 1 With Towing Companies.

No need for any other accounting software this system does it all.

ProTow XTR With Artificial Intelligence ILS (Intelligent Learning System) The Only Towing Software That Learns Your Business Every Day. We have spent many years developing this new technology to give you the most advanced towing program ever.

ProTow Software offers what just might be the answer to ALL Your concerns. We want to help you to get up and running fast, with as small a financial commitment as possible. And, unlike other companies, we are willing to "Put our money where our mouth is, you cant go wrong with ProTow".

As a client of Marr Software your company will benefit not only in price but also in development of the software as our company does not charge a fee for this we always listen to our clients and their concerns, if it benefits the product we guarantee we will add it, its our bottom line to keep our clients satisfied.

Enterprise Server Edition that Supports Quick Books,
Map Solution, Dynamic Lot System, CUSTOM REPORT GENERATION That